Special Movie Poster And Magnet's 6-Shooter Film Series

Way back in March, I posted the trailer for Special, a U.S. indie about a heavily-medicated man convinced he has superpowers, as played by Michael Rapaport. The film caught my interest not only due to Dick Ritchie, but also its gritty exploration of a would-be superhero whose body and mind suffer the consequences. Ever since I began reading Mark Millar's Kick-Ass, which has a similar unflinching premise and launched in April, I've wondered if this 2006 flick would score an opportunity to find eyes. Good news.

Cinematical has the new one-sheet, which promotes Special in conjunction with Magnet's 6-Shooter Film Series, an ace line-up of international genre indies set for theatrical release that includes /Film faves Let the Right One In and Timecrimes, as well as Donkey Punch, Big Man Japan, and Eden Log. Stay tuned for more info on these films and Magnet (a new, hip subdivision of Magnolia Pictures).

Written and directed by Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore (who's co-writing John Carpenter's The Prince) Special opens on November 21, with an on-demand option on November 7. FYI: The filmmakers and Rapaport have discussed a sequel.