Columbus Short Says Lethal Weapon 5 On The Fast Track

Back in August it was reported that Shane Black had handed in a detailed treatment to Joel Silver for a Lethal Weapon 5, which he hopes to direct. When Black signed on to helm Cold Warrior for Universal, we assumed that the project fell into development hell. Not so, turned out that the sequel was just waiting on Mel Gibson's approval.

Now IGN has talked with Columbus Short, who was at one point rumored to be involved with the project. Short not only confirmed that is he up for a role, but claims the film is being fast tracked into production by Warner Bros. No word on if Gibson has seen Black's treatment or given his thumbs up to go ahead, but it certainly sounds like it. Rumor has it that Short would play Murtaugh's son.

The Die Hard series may have overshadowed the Lethal Weapon franchise for some filmgoers, but the original Donner films still stand up to the test of time. And with Black back for a new take on the series, which will supposedly involve the addition/introduction of a new generation of cops and Riggs and Murtaugh coming out of retirement for one last case, I can't see what's not to be excited about.