Get Smart 2

It should be a surprise that Warner Bros is developing a Get Smart sequel, the film was pretty much set-up for franchise opportunities. The original film made over $226 million worldwide, which warrants sequel consideration. Steve Carell will return as Maxwell Smart. No word on if Anne Hathaway will return as Agent 99, although I don't see any reason why she wouldn't return for a second film. It was also announced in today's Variety that Carell signed a three-year first-look deal with Warner Bros, but that is apparently unrelated (sure...).

I thought the 2008 film adaptation was too action heavy, especially considering the original Mel Brooks television series was much more comedically-focused. With a sequel I also hope they return to using a ridiculous James Bond-style villain instead of the unfunny ridiculous plot [spoiler warning] to kill the president with music (As ridiculous as I believed it to be at the time, I was even more shocked to see the same climax used in a non-comedic action film later this year). That said, I'm still hopeful about a sequel.

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