Rumor: Paul Andrew Williams To Direct 28 Months Later?

When we spoke to director Danny Boyle last month in Toronto, he seemed optimistic about the possibility of another sequel to 28 Days Later. But at the same time I got the feeling that not much had progressed since I last talked to him during the press tour for Sunshine. It was last year in San Francisco when Boyle revealed to /Film that he had an idea for 28 Months Later, and that it would be set in Russia.

Arrow in the Head is reporting a rumor coming out of the Sitges Film Festival, that Paul Andrew Williams, the UK-based director of The Cottage, has signed on to helm the third film. Unfortunately, this has not yet been confirmed. I'm not really sure how I feel about a third film without Boyle at the helm. I was one of the vocal few who hated 28 Weeks Later, but I'm sure the idea of global zombie films will always sound appealing to me, at least in the conceptual phase.Discuss: Are you excited about a 28 Months Later or has the second zombie film boom run its course?