Has Christopher Nolan Signed On For Dark Knight Sequel?

Has Christopher Nolan signed on to direct a sequel to The Dark Knight? A story has been going around the interwebs this weekend, that originated from the latest issue of Production Weekly, which has Nolan listed as director, with a pre-production start date of February 2009. Before you get too excited, I'm not sure any contract has been signed YET.

Yes, Production Weekly is an industry publication, and not an internet rumor site. They usually gets their information direct from studio sources But I highly doubt that Warner Bros would have confirmed any of this production information with a third party, as it would steal the thunder from the studio's eventual press release.

Also, I don't think there is anyone that doesn't expect Nolan to return for a third film. Warner Bros will do everything in their power to get the filmmaker back for at least one more, and that might also include giving the greenlight to one or two of Nolan's less-marketable other projects. But for now, mark this one as unconfirmed but inevitable.