Stop Lucas: Harrison Ford Updates On Indiana Jones 5

We've known that George Lucas—who apparently chews on fanboy disappointment like Popeye does spinach—is considering another Indiana Jones sequel, even though a proposed Mutt Williams torch-passing seems more and more unlikely (and hokey). Harrison Ford expressed interest over the summer in making an Indiana Jones 5, and preferably sooner than later. The actor's stance hasn't changed. He chatted with Hero Complex and gave this New Age-y update...

"Really, [another sequel] comes from the ethos, from the ether. It's natural. It's a way of nature, of course, success breed opportunities ... also we don't stay as closely in contact as have in the last year, that's part of it."

As for the next storyline, Ford says that Lucas is currently swimming in a think tank and refers to the plot (or something) as "crazy but great." He also shot down the possibility of an animated Indiana Jones film, an idea that's been batted around by the bearded Star Wars overlord. So, the question remains, do these guys attempt to make up for Crystal Skull's unworthiness and do they even recognize it in face of the $700 million-plus box office? Answer: "Prequels."

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