Stay Classy: DirecTV's Poltergeist Commerical With Dead Heather O'Rourke

Last night, I was listening to Tom Scharpling's "The Best Show," and the topic was haunted movies. Mid-conversation he brings up his disgust with the new ad for DirecTV featuring a living Craig T. Nelson and a nicely preserved Heather O'Rourke milking Poltgergeist in time for Halloween. Though I had seen this ad days just days ago, I had repressed it in horror (might have been high)!

What makes the ad truly declasse is that Nelson wakes up next to his wife (or does he?) with the TV on. Forget that a dead child actress is in his room with animated spirits flowing through her. He breaks the fourth wall and admits, "Forgetting to switch to DirecTV? Yeah, that's going to come back to haunt me." I hear going to Hell is pretty haunting as well.

Discuss: Did this ad convince you to sign up?