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Thank God Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter, because Jessica Alba isn't that scary. [defamer]

You can see 15 minutes of Twilight early, but you'll need a passport, a private jet, and the blessing of the Pope. [cinemablend]

Pamela Anderson finally shows her kids Borat, and is forced to explain the infamous sex tape. [boxofficepsychics]

The poster for Vincent Chase and Edward Norton's Smoke Jumpers, the movie within the television show Entourage, has been found on the interwebs. Possible spoiler alert: Giovanni Haas has the writing credit, but where the show currently stands, E is repping two filmmakers who wrote co-wrote the screenplay. [badandugly]

Ang Lee is filming a comedy called Taking Woodstock, based on a book by a man who allowed the famous music festival to take place in 1969. [reuters]

The number of new DVD titles released this year so far is 14% down from the same period last year. [THR]

You can download some paper Star Wars: The Clone Wars masks on [via: SuperPunch]

Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of Paris Hilton's top five favorite movies... who woulda thought? [Rotten Tomatoes]

100,000 film workers in Bollywood on indefinite strike over low wages and expanding casual labour force. [guardian]