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Motion5 makes pop mosaics using legos. This Star Wars collage measures 20 x 20 inches and is up for sale on Etsy for $279.

Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua is expected to make $30 million this weekend, once again proving that any movie with talking animals makes bank. [steve mason]

Pierre Morel (District B13) is in talks to direct Hunter-Killer, which is based on the novel Firing Point – about a Navy SEAL team that must rescue the Russian president and defeat a renegade admiral who's attempting a coup. [variety]

Philip Glass is writing a New York City Opera based on The Perfect American, a fictional story about the final months of the life of Walt Disney. [yahoo]

The New Yorker lists the five scariest movies of all time: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs, The Body Snatcher, Night of the Hunter, and Mulholland Drive. Huh? What?

Negative buxx continues to build on Broadway's musical adaptation of Shrek. A new actor has come in to replace "Donkey" and Perez is reporting that a "show doctor" has been brought in to "save the production."

Michael De Luca, Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta will develop a remake of the 1987 Mickey Rourke supernatural thriller Angel Heart. [Variety]

ASC associate member Jan Yarbrough estimates that the digital files for the Godfather trilogy restoration required 160 terabytes of storage space. By comparison, the final scans for a 4K Digital Image of a 100-minute feature would require about 8 terabytes. [ASC]

The Girl With the Pearl Earring helmer Peter Webber has signed on to direct The Spider's House" a romantic drama set in 1950s Morocco. [Variety]