James Cameron Says He Never Blessed Terminator Salvation. McG Says He Did.

For months, the foggy perception online has been that James Cameron gave McG's Terminator Salvation his "blessing." Where did the Internet come up with this rumor? Well, McG has stated the endorsement as fact in numerous interviews, including in this E! Comic Con video. Earlier this month, Cameron set the record straight, and what's more, the question over a "blessing" was never raised. He personally brought it up.

"It could be a big steaming pile or it could be brilliant. Sam Worthington is in the Avatar and the new Terminator and he likes the script, but I never saw it. There was no blessing involved."

Of course, there's the chance that McG heard through the grapevine that Cameron sprinkled holy water on the first film in his trilogy, but doesn't a blessing imply that some form of personal communication took place, even if it's a wink over In-N-Out? At this summer's Comic Con, McG also stated that his film was given the—uh, oh—"blessing" of WB execs in regards to the rating...

"I've been given their blessing to make the picture...and if it's a rated R picture, then that's that."

The chances of this film being anything other than PG-13 are slim. No more McBlessings, thanks.

via Filmonic / JoBlo