Iron Man Screenwriters In Talks For Mystery Marvel Film

Everyone was left confused when it was announced that Tropic Thunder screenwriter Justin Therou would be penning the script for Iron Man 2. Why would Marvel Studios completely bypass the original screenwriting team of Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (also of Children of Men fame) for a guy whose only screenwriting credit was a comedy film? No offense against Justin, but the choice just seemed extremely odd. Perhaps Thunder star Robert Downey Jr asked that Therou be brought in to write the sequel. Or maybe Fergus and Ostby were busy working on ideas for other Marvel projects. Fergus revealed to MTV that they are currently "talking intensely with Marvel about" some "really juicy [movies]".

"We're like, 'We're the right guys for this one.'" ... "It's moving along nicely but nothing official yet. But, yes, we are planning on working on some of those movies. That much I'll say."

Most, if not all of the previously announced Marvel adaptations already have screenwriters attached. So either Fergus and Ostby are vying for an unannounced project or are hoping to be brought in to rewrite one of the current projects. I'd be happy if they replace Zak Penn on either Captain America of The Avengers.

Discuss: Which Marvel project do you think Fergus and Ostby are hoping to tackle next?