Yorick And Ampersand Suffer From Separation Sickness In Y: The Last Man Movie?

I'm a huge fan of Y: The Last Man, so it only makes sense that I'm very excited about the possibility of a big screen movie adaptation. DJ Caruso isn't my first choice to direct that film, but if he can get Shia LaBeouf to star as Yorick – than I'm happy (I mean, think of how bad it could be with one of the stars from High School Musical as the lead?!). And everything DJ Caruso has said so far has convinced me that this guy has a good grip on the story... until now.

The filmmaker revealed to FirstShowing one of the big changes he made from the comic: the addition of a "ticking clock", which makes sense. Since the film is being set up as the first in a trilogy (last I heard), you need to create a climax that satisfies the audience, but doesn't end the adventure. But the ticking clock that Caruso came up with sounds rather stupid.

"One big change is that we put in a 'ticking clock' with Yorick and Ampersand, and I separated them, and Yorick starts to get a little sick when Ampersand's not with him. I felt like we needed some kind of ticking clock so it wasn't just a boy and his monkey."

I have yet to finish the last couple books of the series due to my busy schedule, but I'm pretty sure that this separation sickness can't be explained in the context of the story from the graphic novel. And the whole idea sounds very Hollywood (in a bad way) to me. Caruso claims that Y co-creator Brian K Vaughn "loved" the addition.

Caruso handed in a script to Warner Bros/New Line last week, and claims he will be tweaking it over the course of the next month. He insists that "In another month or so it should be ready." Lets just hope that WB gives Caruso the budget he needs to bring Y to the big screen.

Discuss: In the movie, should Yorick and Ampersand get sick when they are apart from one another?