William Shatner Responds To JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams made a comment earlier this month that Captain Kirk was originally written into Star Trek, but that William Shatner's unwillingness to do a cameo nixed the scene from being shot. And of course, William Shatner has responded to JJ Abrams in his latest video blog, claiming that nobody ever offered him a cameo. "Maybe you wrote it, but it never presented itself to me," snaps Shatner, before totally destroying his point by concluding that he "wouldn't have wanted to do a cameo, because that you would have clipped that out." But Shatner says it isn't too late to bring Kirk back from the dead in a sequel. "If you make another one maybe you can think of ways of bringing Captain Kirk back to life. I brought him back to life in one of my books, very easily." Watch the full video blog below.