New Bond Song Online, "Another Way To Die" With Alicia Keys And Jack White

One of the many things I loved about Casino Royale was the kick ass opening sequence featuring Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name". Coupled with the film's brutal black and white first scene, Cornell's song helped introduce Daniel Craig's grittier Bond to audiences with style to spare. Now we finally have a glimpse at the follow up song for Quantum of Solace, "Another Way to Die", featuring Alicia Keys and Jack White—and honestly, I'm a bit disappointed.

It's not a terrible song (see Madonna's for Die Another Day for a good example of that), but it certainly doesn't feel like anything new for the series. It seems as if it tries to do way too much, and the song ends up feeling overstuffed in the process. It could be redeemed by a virtuoso opening sequence, but even then only by so much.

Give it a listen below via imeem. Quantum of Solace opens Friday, November 14, 2008.

via Latino Review