Quote: Don't Put Spike Lee Next To Judd Apatow

The September 22nd issue of The New Yorker has a profile on Spike Lee. At one point Lee is given a poster to sign for the wall at the Sony Music studio that he used for his latest film. So while his feud with Clint Eastwood might be officially over, Lee launches a shot in the direction of America's favorite comedy producer/director Judd Apatow:

"Don't put us next to Judd Apapoe, whatever that guy is," Lee says, referring to Judd Apatow. "We gotta be next to Spielberg and Williams!"

Lee has considerable talent, and some might argue that he deserves to be put on the same level of a Spielberg, or at least above a guy doing those "funny movies".  But am I the only one who is bothered with the elitism that Lee demonstrates in this quote?