Captured Movie Trailer

Street fight! Captured is a new NSFW documentary from directors, Ben Solomon and Dan Levin, that examines the historical work of Clayton Patterson, a man who captured New York's Lower East Side fly-on-the-wall style for 30 years using photography and video. The NY Times once said of Patterson's work:

He has amassed a huge day-by-day visual history of the area, told mainly through ...its myriad and diverse faces: tenement kids and homeless people, poets and politicians, drug dealers and drag queens, rabbis and santeros, beat cops, graffiti taggers, hookers, junkies, punks, anarchists, mystics and crackpots.

And the trailer dutifully exemplifies this while segueing into vintage Oprah clips where Patterson hails the video camera as the perfect device to police the police. Judging from his interview herein, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch might not agree. Set to catchy instrumental music by the notorious band, A.R.E. Weapons, look for Captured on the festival circuit. For more info:

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