Voiceover Master Don LaFontaine Has Died At 68

Everyone reading this post has heard Don LaFontaine's voice, but many of you probably don't know his name. Don LaFontaine is a voiceover legend, whose voice has graced over 5,000 movie trailers and nearly 350,000 (!) commercials. He has generally been thought of as the person who coined the phrase "In a world..." He has helped to stoke excitement for such varied shows and films as Terminator 2, Cast Away, 24 and Arrested Development among countless others. Most recently, he has been seen in Geico commercials, in which he parodies the urgency of trailer voiceovers. (If you have a chance, head on over to Don's website to gain an appreciation of the volume and scope of this man's work. You can also check out his self-narrated life's story by clicking here)

Unfortunately, word now comes that LaFontaine has died of complications relating to pneumothorax. He was 68 years old. Those who read /Film and listen to the /Filmcast know that we're huge fans of movie trailers, and few people have done as much as Don to shape our perceptions of, and excitement for, upcoming movies and TV shows. The film world has lost an amazing talent and an unbelievable voice. Mr. LaFontiane will truly be missed.

via ETOnline