Now That Grace Is Gone, Lonesome Jim Has Become An Alcoholic Basketball Coach

James C Strouse has yet to hit the mainstream, but I'm sure that audiences will someday find his relate-able indie dramas. After writing the 2005 Casey Affleck indie Lonesome Jim (netflix it), he went on to direct John Cusack in Grace is Gone. The big sale and hit of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, was dumped into theaters during a time when movie-goers were tired of Iraq-war related films.MTV has word that Strouse has signed Sam Rockwell to star as a alcoholic girls high school basketball coach, in a dramatic film Rockwell describes as Bad News Bears meets Half Nelson meets Hoosiers. It's worth mentioning that Strouse's semi-autobiographical first screenplay Lonesome Jim involved a story line where Jim (played by Casey Affleck) has to take over his brother's girls youth basketball team.