Babylon A.D. Director Mad As Hell, Calls Movie Stupid, Fox Gut-Less

It's official. Slashfilm is in the midst of a 2008 Vin Diesel dunkirk. Not only did the muscled actor inexplicably drop the "Riddick is back, no matter what! Two films!" bomb yesterday, there's his new Fast and Furious trailer. And last night on a superb /Filmcast, we examined the actor's radioactive connection to Osama bin Laden. This weekend sees the (non?)opening of Diesel's long-delayed sci-fi actioner Babylon A.D. Don't click the button on Fandango just yet! The director, Mathieu Kassovitz, says the movie sucks...

"I should have chosen a studio that has guts," Kassovitz told AMC. "Fox was just trying to get a PG-13 movie. I'm ready to go to war against them, but I can't because they don't give a shit. ...I don't see how people who went through all these amazing blockbusters like The Dark Knight and Iron Man this summer will take [Babylon A.D.]."

Kassovitz—best known for directing 1995's Hate before shipping off to Hollywood to make Gothika—compares many of Babylon's scenes to a "bad episode of 24." He also feels the "stupidity and violence" takes away from the film's underlying each-one-teach-one message about the future. So, how does Sunny Vin D feel about it?

"Am I even in the movie any more, or am I on the cutting room floor?" the actor joked.

Death Race, you're going down.Discuss: Do these comments make you want to see Babylon A.D. or skip it? What does the future hold for Vin Diesel? Should he consider a name change?

via CHUD