The Spirit: Uniting Divided Fanboys In Hate Since 2008

Minutes after the panel for Frank Miller's green screen opus,The Spirit, was over at Comic Con, the Internet exploded like a million snarky bottle rockets, sending up enlightened texts like, "The Spirit, LOL, looks like Sin Shitty," and the trusty "EPIC FAIL!" Yes, on that marvelous day, the vista view enjoyed from the confines of Twitter was like sipping a Corona inside the Green Zone. Well, the Con footage has now popped (pooped?) up on YouTube. I might as well let the Slashfilmbot take over from here. Samuel L. Jackson caps off this clip by declaring, "C'mon! Toilets are always funny." Polite fanboy laughter only adds to the cringe factor, like a really bad SNL skit.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SPIRIT's TOILET FIGHT.UPDATE: Clip was removed.Discuss: Describe the footage in five words or less.