Zak Penn's The Argonauts

20th Century Fox has hired Zak Penn to write and produce (along with John Davis) a big screen adaptation of the classic Greek tale of The Argonauts. In Greek mythology, the Argonauts were a band of sailing heroes ,who accompanied by Jason to Colchis in his quest for the Golden Fleece. The story has been previously adapted by Don Chaffey in 1963, and in 2000 for Hallmark television. Dreamworks is also developing a project with the same title, about a group of treasure hunters who discover the wreck of Jason's mythological ship, and are somehow transported back in time to ancient Greece.

Zak Penn broke onto the scene with a huge spec Last Action Hero (this is before it was rewritten). He went on to pen PCU, Beyond Enemy Lines, and is credited with the story of X2. That credit lead to five years of comic/geek-related projects, some of which were extremely disappointing (X-Men: The Last Stand) or insulting (Electra), leading to the loss of geek fan support. He most recently won lone credit for The Incredible Hulk, and is currently linked to Marvel Studio's upcoming adaptations of The Avengers and Captain America films.

Discuss: Do you think the story of the Argonauts will translate well into a big screen movie?

source: Variety