Newest Deathwatch: Billy Bob Thorton's Co-Stars?

When Morgan Freeman got into a car accident, the blogosphere was declaring The Dark Knight a cursed film. When Issac Hayes died immediately after Bernie Mac, some observed that Samuel L Jackson might be next due to the trio's connection through the upcoming movie Soul Men. I don't think anyone actually believes in these things, do they?

Now Defamer is declaring The Curse of Billy Bob Thornton. The latest death watch conspiracy theory involves the many co-stars of Thornton who have have suffered death, injury or sickness. John Ritter, Bernie Mac, J.T. Walsh, and Heath Ledger all died prematurely. Morgan Freeman and Shia LaBeouf both suffered car accidents, and Patrick Swayze got diagnosed with cancer. And there is also Jim Varney, best known for his character Ernest, whose final film before he died was Thorton's Daddy and Them.

And while we're at it, something tells me Kevin Bacon could be connected to any of these people within three degrees...