Geek Deal: The Wire - The Entire Series For $134.48

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I have a confession: I have yet to get addicted to HBO's The Wire. I just recently bought the first season box set after /Film's own Adam Quigley wouldn't stop raving about the show during last month's Comic Con. I've watched a couple episodes, and am still unsure – I like it but I don't yet love it. Everyone says its one of the best television series of all time, and sometimes you have to put your trust in the wisdom of the crowds. Heck, I don't think I would have watched season one of Battlestar if everyone I talked to didn't assure me that it got much better after the miniseries. Anyways, enough ranting. Point is The Wire is highly loved and acclaimed, but I don't know many people who watched it as it was being broadcast on HBO. And everyone I know is always looking for a good show to watch on DVD... is offering an incredible deal in today's gold box, the first four seasons for only $95.49. That's 60% of the MSRP of $238.98. Pick it up quick, because at the end of the day, the deal is done. Also, the fifth season of The Wire is being released on Tuesday. You can add that to the deal for a total of $134.48 (msrp of $298.97). Just scroll down to the "Better Together" section for the five season package. Thanks to /Film reader Mark E for the tip.