3D Star Wars, Wait You Must. Yes, Mmmm.

It looks like we'll have to wait a few more years for 3D converted release of the Star Wars films. George Lucas told AP that LucasFilm is working on the technology to make it happen.

"We're trying to do that," Lucas said. "We worked on some, with a company that was developing the technology a few years ago to convert films into 3-D, we worked with them. But the system works great. It's just not very practical. So what we've been working on since then is to develop a sort of practical way to do it. And we will get there. It's just a technological challenge."

In our recent interview with Dreamworks Animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg, he admitted that he wasn't yet happy with the results, something that probably drove Lucas to taking the R&D in house

"The technology of retro-fitting a black & white movie to color has not gotten to a place where I would feel comfortable doing that and representing that as a quality experience," Katzenberg admitted. "The tools are still being created and perfected for 2D translation to 3D and it's too early to say it. Up until now I have not been that excited about the quality of it. But the guys across the street are doing it on Toy Story 1 and 2 which are crown jewels and they're quality guys. And I know they've been working hard on these so that's where they put a lot of focus on it so, you know, I suspect they've made some progress there that will actually allow us to put a quality....George Lucas is looking to take the whole "Star Wars" 6 episodes and to repurpose them into 3D. He's very excited about it. He's got the technical resources and he's not going to put product out that's anything other than I think first rate."