Stephen Tobolowsky Re-Enacts/Reviews "The Matrix Reloaded"

For those of you that missed the live show and didn't hear the recently-released podcast episode with Stephen Tobolowsky (possibly our best show yet, according to film critic Peter Sciretta!), we thought we'd release this edited, 5-minute snippet for the benefit of those that don't have time to listen to the whole /Filmcast:

In preparation for reviewing The Mummy, Stephen subjected himself to some unfortunate action movies, including The Matrix Reloaded. In our "What We've Been Watching" segment, Stephen laid waste to the Matrix sequel and its ilk, and does a spot-on re-enactment of virtually every single scene in the movie. This is a must-listen for anyone that has ever felt violated by The Matrix Reloaded.

You can hear this entire episode of the /Filmcast by clicking here.

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