LOL: The Asylum's Sunday School Musical

For those who don't know, The Asylum is a direct-to-dvd production company responsible for producing cheap knock-offs of the latest big budget Hollywood movies (termed "Knockbusters). For example their films have included: Transmorphers, Snakes on a Train, I Am Omega, Da Vinci Treasure, Temple of the Skulls, HG Wells' War of the Worlds, AVH: Alien vs. Hunter, Monster (the Cloverfield rip) and Pirates of Treasure Island.

Their latest effort is a knock off of Disney's High School Musical called Sunday School Musical. The poster (and by poster, I mean the DVD cover art) instantly made me laugh. On the other hand, the trailer, available online at this link, is not funny. Actually, it's rather depressing. But that always seems to be the case with The Asylum's productions. I love the idea of a stupid knock off, but the actual films are kidn of depressing. I think I'd rather The Asylum take the Troma approach and create some fun really bad B-movies rather than what it is they actual do. But as long as they keep producing movies, I'll keep laughing at the names and cover art. I'm pretty sure that will never get old.