Wes Craven In Scream 4 Talks

A couple weeks back, we told you that The Weintein Co were developing Scream 4. At Comic Con, Wes Craven told MTV that he has had discussions with Bob Weinstein about a fourth Scream film, but is hesitant to be involved due to the disaster that was his last collaboration with the Weinteins, Cursed. Craven also confirmed that screenwriter Kevin Williamson would most likely be brought back for the fourth film.

I would like to see an almost total reboot. The first Scream was a meta take on the slasher film genre, it would be interesting that have a fourth Scream film set in our world where Scream was a big horror franchise, and there is a copycat killing young teens. But at the same time they need to refrain from making it too meta and self involved, something the two sequels suffered from.

Disclaimer: The poster to the right is a fan creation.