Kevin Smith Does Batman

We missed this in the madness of Comic Con, but Kevin Smith announced that he is co-writing a new Batman miniseries with pal Walt Flanagan (who View Askewers will know from Walt and Steve-Dave fame: "Tell Em Steve-Dave!). The three issue mini-series will re-introduce Onomatopoeia, a villain Smith created on his Green Arrow run. Not much is known about the character, only the he can perfectly imitate the sounds around him, rarely speaks and is skilled with weaponry.

While screenwriters in comics is now part of the norm, Smith was one of the first Hollywood writers to cross over to the comic book world with a highly acclaimed run on Daredevil. Smith later lost the good will of comic fans when he became late on a couple issues due to his Hollywood obligations. But apparently the scripts for this upcoming miniseries are already in hand, and the comics will begin hitting stores in November 2008.