Comic Con: Teasing The Final Epic War In Battlestar Galactica

Up until a few months ago, I've never seen a episode of Battlestar Galactica, nor did I have any desire to. When the summer started, that meant the television shows I watch like Lost had ended. It's really a bother when you start to get into a habit of enjoying a show week to week, only for it to end leaving you with nothing else to do. Usually when this happens, I try to find a show on dvd that I've been curious about. This summer was a harder one, so after countless recommendations I finally gave into Battlestar. And damn it, I love it. I was hoping all week that I was going to have the time attend the panel at this years Comic-Con for two reasons.

1. It's probably going to be the last panel for the show.

2. After the mid-season cliffhanger, I wanted to get any kind of glimpse for the last 10 episodes.

Even though a lot of the discussion didn't include the information that I was hoping for, we were able to get some interesting tidbits.

When the panel first began, we were introduced to a teaser trailer for season "4.5". It started off with clips from the previous seasons. Then about half way through, we started to see BS crew and Cylons on a destroyed earth. And at one point Starbuck saying "Isn't there away out of here". Producer David Eick, talked about how the first couple of episodes will focus on the crew having to deal with terrible living conditions. They want to leave the place they dreamt about living for so long. As the trailer continued, we saw extremely quick flashes of scenes of this season, one with President Roslyn asking Commander Adama if he was a Cylon, and the next clip showing the Commander in the airlock of BSG with a white cloth over his eyes, looking into the camera. It looked like someone or something was defiantly going to execute him and it's either a Cylon or human doing the death sentence.

Some other things  we noticed in the trailer included:

  • Starbuck and Apollo making out.
  • Adama and Roslin making out as well
  • The Final Four next to ruins.
  • Apollo in a cell crying: "just kill me"
  • The trailer ended with showing various cast members holding guns as well as shooting them. Some battles on Earth, others on Galatica. After viewing the trailer, we can 100% confirm that the season won't take place entirely on Earth.

    Kevin Smith (who was the moderator) asked each cast member what's their favorite badass moment. There were small responses that I felt should be shared...

    James Callis who plays Dr. Gaius Baltar, talked about one of the final battles in the show as being very epic, sying that it felt almost like the great Vietnam War movie "Apocalypse Now". Although, he didn't say who they were fighting, one has to assume there is going to be a big F'N battle between the Humans and Cylons.

    Tricia Helfer (Number 6) admitted that she finally was able to shoot some of the biggest guns on that the show ever seen in one of the final episodes. She was told she was one of the only females in the world to shoot these huge guns.  But is she fighting with or against the humans?

    The last good question that was asked by an audience member was,  "How do they feel their character found closure?' Katee Sackhoff answered: "Starbuck finds peace," which makes me wonder, does everyone's favorite woman pilot die? I'm starting to sadly think it might be the case.

    James Callis said the last great moment from panel, "The ending is an ending. It's utterly sublime, the perfect way to end the show... It does everyone and everything justice."  That one line has officially made me excited about the last episodes of one of the best shows on television. Hopefully they can deliver, but honestly – has the show failed us yet?