Comic Con: Push Footage Revealed

Summit Entertainment revealed the first footage from their upcoming thriller Push. The clip played like the opening credit sequence of a film, showing us images and close-ups but no actual scenes (of at least as far as I could tell). The segment was cut over Clint Mansell's Fountain soundtrack which probably made it feel cooler than it actually was. A young female character named Cassie explains that there are special people in this world that have been born with psychic powers. It was explained that in 1945 government agencies set up for psychic warfare, trying to turn those people with abilities into soldiers. After the war, governments began to set up up divisions with agents trained to hunt them down like animals, test and categorize them.

There are a bunch of different types of psychic abilities:

A watcher can see the future.

A mover is telekinetic.

Sniffers who can see the history of an object.

Shifts can temporarily change the shape of things

Wipers can wipe your memory.

And pushers can put thoughts in other people's heads.

Cassie is a watcher

The devisions are trying to develop a drug which would allow normal people to develop psychic abilities, but apparently every test so far has been fatal.

A second clip showed an agent played by Djimon Hounsou who convinces a guy to put a gun into his mouth and kill himself through mind control.

A third clip shows Nick Gant, played by Chris Evans, who has gone into hiding in the busy area of Hong Kong. He is eating at a fish market with Camilla, played by Dakota Fanning, while she tries to convince him to join up with her in the fight against the devisions. Nick decides to leave, but Cassie follows him trying to convince him to help her. But just then she sees some cheesy flashes of the near future. "They're here in the market" "We got to get out of here!" The group corners Cassie and Nick.  One of the hunters says "Stupid child... I've already seen how you die." Cassie responds "But we know its not here and not today." Chris screams, using his ability to blow shit up all around them. Fish tanks everywhere explode. The special effects were clearly unfinished, and you could tell. The story offers some interesting possibilities, but the screenplay seemed very weak. And what else can you expect from the guy who brought us Bat Thumb, a parody of batman using characters made out of thumbs. There were actually a few unintentional laughs from the crowd, which is never a good sign. But then again, the Twilight fans next to me said it looked awesome.