Three The Earth Stood Still Clips Revealed At Comic Con; Gort Confirmed

The Day The Earth Stood Still director Scott Derrickson, star Keanu Reeves, and producer Erwin Stoff opened the first major panel of Comic Con 2008. Here are the three things I learned about The Day The Earth Stood Still remake from the panel:

Erwin Stoff actually proposed the idea f a Day The Earth Stood Still Remake to a producer shortly after the release of Speed, but a regime change prevented the project from developing into a film until nearly 15 years later.

Derrickson confirmed that Gort is definitely in the movie. He claims they went through hundreds of different possibilities in the conceptual stage but came back to something that wasn't very different from the Gort from the original film. Weta is still working on the design.

Klatu's spaceship and suit is more organic than technological.

They also showed three clips from the film. I have to admit that I wasn't very impressed by the previously released movie trailer, and the new footage didn't get me any more excited.

The first clip began with Klatu, played by Keanu Reeves, being wheeled through a dark hallway into an US government interrogation room where he is hooked up to some kind of lie detecting equipment and questioned by an official.

"Are you Human?" the interrogator asks.

"My body is..." Klatu responds.

"Do you feel pain?"

"My body does..."

"Are you aware of a pending attack on the US?"

"You should let me go..."

Klatu takes control on the interrogator and finds out which exit to escape the building. He then sends out a signal which disables all the guards. They all fall to the ground.

The second clip was a much smaller innocent scene between Klatu and Jaden Smith's character Jacob in the back of a pick-up truck.

"You aren't so scary," says Jacob. " You don't even look like an alien...."

Klatu responds: "Its so i can talk to you..."

"What were you before?"


"I told helen we should kill you..."

"Did you mean it?"


"Whats gonna happen to us?"

"I was thinking the same thing."

The third clip was more of a highlight reel / extended trailer comprised of half finished special effects shots and clips from the film. Someone from the US government shows up to Connely's door.

"Dr Bensson come with us, Everything will be explained on route."

Helen is told not to be afraid. Cut to a Connely watching the interrogation from behind a two way mirror. Klatu takes control of the government official.

Big balls of light descent upon earth in various cities worldwide. The usual shots of people looking up at the sky. A big ball of liquid rises from the oceans. Connoly in hazmat suit. Cut to the scene in the trailer where Klatu tells Connely that "If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives."

Smoke overtakes huge truck tearing it apart. Same thing happens with a stadium. The electricity in a major city goes out. And the ending shot is a tease of Gort, but much like the trailer, we don't see much of anything.

And finally the clip ended with Jaden Smith's character asking Klatu "What's gonna happen to us".