Max Payne Movie Posters

Two new one-sheets for the adaptation of Rockstar Games' Max Payne have popped up at Dark Horizons. When the film's trailer hit a few weeks ago, hardcore fans of the game shot poison-tipped arrows at the curious presence of nappy angel-looking entities. The spiffier poster after the jump will probably draw a similar response: Max Payne vs Jeepers Creepers, ftw. Meanwhile, the spiffier poster on the right has subtle shades of Sin City, evokes the video game box art, and also reminds me of the NYC street art of WK Interact (check it out).Discuss: A PG-13 Max Payne. Will this be the choice action flick of the fall, or will it be the R-rated Punisher: War Zone? Or, neither? Also, Angels in the Outfield.