Who's Playing The Watchmen?

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has announced that they will be producing a series of video games based on the upcoming big screen adaptation of Watchmen. But you won't be able to buy these games in stores, instead WBI will be releasing them for download for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The first game is expected in March 2009, around the time of the film's theatrical release. A follow-up will hit in time for the film's home video release. Many fans believed that it would be impossible to make a feature film out of the acclaimed graphic novel. Some of those naysayers are beginning to change their tune. But what about a video game adaptation? I'm not sure the series lends it self to that medium. And while the future of video games will no doubt be downloadable, using this revolutionary stepping stone might lead mainstream gamers to believe that the result will be a lower-quality product not worthy of retail sale. It will be interesting to see how this big experiment turns out.

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source: Variety