Christian Bale Arrested. Builds Own Jail Out Of Batman Dollars

UPDATE: Apparently raising your voice against your mum in the UK is against the law. The charge was "verbal assault."

Yes, he's already out on b-a-i-l. Earlier today, London police arrested Christian Bale, not to be confused with Adam West, and held him for questioning after his mum and one of his elder sisters made allegations of assault. The charges hit news outlets yesterday, but police apparently backed off and let Bale attend last night's London premiere of his film, The Dark Knight.

The case will resume in September, unless charges escalate. Bale denies all charges. If R. Kelly can get off using the Little Man defense, we think Bale will be fine, but domestic charges like these are nothing to jest about. The actor has not released a public statement. More as it develops.

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/Film reader, Bob Dance, has offered up his mom to Bale. Classy.