It was clear early on that the Dark Elves would be the villains. Dark Elves have white braided hair. Their costume flexes over their hair, and covers their large ears. They have whitish silver facial plates with large black eyes (or lenses). Silver chest plates fit over a black organic costume. They’re very eerie.

In the world of the film, the dark elves have not been seen for 5,000 years. Their mothercraft is called “The Arc,” fitted with a “black hole engine” that pulls them through space. (Rather than propelling them forward.) Their ships look like boats in the sky, with solar sails; in concept art they’re very John Carter-looking. The final battle takes place in London with the dark elves and their mothership crashing down on the city. For the interiors and exteriors of the Dark Elves’ ships the production shot for originality, trying to do something unique in the world of science fiction.


Christopher Eccleston plays Malekith the Accursed, ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. Eccleston sports two different eye colors for the role. Malekith is on a mission of vengeance and reclaiming what’s rightfully his. (As he sees it, anyway.) Prior to this story, Odin’s father had to fight the Elves, which have been around since the Big Bang. Director Alan Taylor drew comparisons to Osama Bin Laden and the villain in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.

Meanwhile, the Vanir, a warrior race not quite as advanced as the Asgardians, is under attack by the Dark Elves. A ragtag band of space pirates have come together to steal as much as they can.

The ties between Malekith and Algrim, another Dark Elf, reflect the brotherly relationship of Thor and Loki. Algrim is the go-to guy to get things done.

A language and an accent were created for Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje‘s character Kurse. Akinnuoye-Agbaje spent a lot of time in the makeup chair. It took over two and a half hours to apply the make-up for Algrim and about one and a half hours to apply the make-up for Kurse. When he was hired, the actor wasn’t told immediately about how many prosthetics would be required for the job. He only found out after he signed on to the film, and since all the departments work separately in secrecy, he didn’t even know what the final product would look like in the end until right before the shoot. Adewale did a lot of mirror work before going in front of the camera as Kurse, trying to get use to and make the bulk of the character work best.

Kurse has three horns from either side of his head, two tusks in the front. His face looks almost like stone in texture; a charcoal black with metallic red highlights in the middle of his face. There’s a fiercely loyal bond between Kurse and Malekith. You will see that there is a soul within the beast/brute of Kurse.


A stone man from Saturn faces off against Thor in the film. The character is the first person that Thor faced in the comics.

We will visit the Hall of Science, and get a glimpse into the various discoveries of the Asgardians, from what we know of the Big Bang to scientific discoveries humans have yet to make. We will learn where the Viking ships came from, and how the gods created the Vikings on earth.

The throne room is one of the few connecting locations that returns in this film, and has just a bit new detail.

Thor 2 props

The Props:

Up to 11,000 weapons were used for this film.  A team of up to 20 technicians worked to build new props or transform some of the props from the first film with more wear and tear.

One action scene involves 140 marauders, an assortment of weapons, some from the aliens in Avengers, a mix of roman, medieval, and nearly every earth culture. The idea is that the gang of space pirates would have taken possession of an assortment of many types of weapons from their adventures. They use axes, swords, spears, morning stars, whips, and guns.

About ten different designs for alien guns were created for the film. The guns in this movie work mostly with lasers; there was a choice to avoid cartridges or ballistic weapons.


The Dark Elf weapons include a slow gun, and a backpack that transforms into a slow gun which can also be used as a slashing weapon. The latter looks very organic, black with green undertones. Very much like something from the Alien films. The big handle portion is actually the barrel, so it looks completely backwards based on how you would expect it to be used

There are a bunch of different versions of Thor’s hammer: Hard, soft, light (1.5 pounds), and hero heavy (15 kilograms).

The process of prototyping weapons in 3D was started on the movie The Golden Compass. They are still trying to figure out a way to employ the technology. For some of the background staves in the training sequence they printed out the designs with 3D printers and plated those printed designs with metal. But the results are still not where they need to be for close ups.

Thor 2: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8.

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