Watchmen: New Photos, EW Cover, Walkie-Talkie CG And Comic Book Comparisons

Since the Watchmen trailer broke earlier today, the web has been going Watchmen crazy. First up, Watchmen graces the cover of the Comic Con edition of Entertainment Weekly (seen above), and is accompanied by a feature article with a bunch of new photos (like the photo below) from the film. Read that article now on

Meanwhile, MTV sat down with director Zack Snyder who points out some of the secrets in the trailer. For example, in a sequence where Ozymandias avoids an assassination attempt, the MPAA forced Snyder to digitally remove the gun out of the hand of an assassin. Apparently, the MPAA prohibits any shot of a gun pointed directly at the audience. Snyder had the gun replaced with a walkie-talkie, a reference to Steven Spielberg's 2002 rerelease of E.T. Check out the shot below to see the digitally added walkie-talkie.

How funny is that? Even funnier is the fact that the next cut in the trailer actually shows the assassin with the gun in his hand. Apparently the MPAA has no problem showing a gun if its not pointed at the audience. How strange

And the guys at Ropes of Silicon have done a few comic book to film comparison shots, some of which are surprisingly similar. Head on over to ROS for more.