John Woo To Direct Comic Book Movie

John Woo has signed on to direct a comic book adaptation! So what superhero will Woo bring to the big screen? A new Superman? Guess again. Captain America? Nope. Justice League? Yeah right. The answer is... Caliber: First Canon of Justice. Wait, what? Never heard of it? That's because it Radical Publishing only released the first issue on April 30th. Here is the official plot synopsis for this Mythical Western/Fantasy:

"The Arthurian legend as retold in the American Old West, with all of its great symbolism, magic and spirit of adventure. The Knights of the Round Table are all gunslingers bound by a code of honor to protect the weak and defend the innocent until they are undone from within by their own moral corruption. In this tale, Caliber itself is a tattooed six-gun, given to Arthur by the Indians and imbued with supernatural power. The secret of the gun is that it is never loaded with bullets, but when a man with Justice on his side is holding it, it can fire. When it does, it fires Thunder itself and never misses."

I love the idea of transplanting a timeless story to a different timeframe. I'm sure Woo's take would be interesting to watch, but when will he find the time to make it? Variety even admits that this isn't likely to be Woo's next project.