New Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie In The Works?

Could the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be returning to the big screen in a new live action film? The Playmates Toys website has the following statement:

"Following the success of the 'TMNT' theatrical release in 2007, Mirage licensing and Imagi studios have begun work on a new live-action TMNT film for 2010. It's the turtles like you've never seen them before! Shellalicious!"

As much as I enjoyed the TMNT animated feature, I was left longing for the old live action films, as bad as they might have been (Remember the Ninja rap?). I really wish that with the expected success of The Dark Knight, that Imagi would consider making a darker TMNT, something closer to Kevin Eastman/Peter Laird's original vision. But I doubt they will go in that direction. Also, Imagi is a computer animation studio, which makes me wonder if the live-action aspect is a typo or maybe that the turtles will be cg in a live action world.

Update: Following the publication of this story, Playmates removed the mention of "live-action" from their website.