Spider-Man Musical Is Searching For Peter Parker And Mary Jane

When a Broadway Bono and The Edge-scored musical adaptation of Spider-Man was first announced, director Julie Taymor (Across The Universe) said that she wanted to cast Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess in the lead roles. Well maybe they weren't available or interested, because an open singer-actors call will take place in Manhattan on July 28th. Looks like they might go with some non big name talent.

Peter Parker is described as "male, 16-20's [with a] great rock voice, can be nerdy with understated sex appeal, good sense of humor."

Mary Jane is described as "female, 16-20's, beautiful girl next door, strong pop/rock singing voice."

And a second principal woman role is listed as "female, 25-35 years old [with] amazing rock vocals. Think Sinead O'Connor with a Middle Eastern/Bulgarian/Greek twist. Foreign, world music types are great, foreign accents are great." Described in earlier casting notices as Arachne, a "beautiful, boastful young woman turned into a spider for her hubris and lack of respect for the gods. She subsequently appears to Peter Parker and the audience as in turn a powerful spider-woman who comes from another time to inspire Peter; an otherworldly lover; a bride; a terrifying (and sexy) dark goddess of vengeance; a dance partner in a charged and violent spiders dance of death; and, finally, a lonely, fragile young woman."

No production timetable has been announced.

source: Playbill