The Spirit Movie Trailer

A full length trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit has been released onto the web. My first impression is that of disappointment. I was more impressed by the previously released teaser trailer. A lot of this film was shot on a stage, and judging from this trailer – it feels like it. Gone is the stylized computer generated backgrounds of Sin City, because Black is the new Red. Sin City somehow felt alive and real, this feels like a big screen adaptation of a stage play with some cool effects. The actors come off as actors wearing costumes, rather than comic book characters brought to life on the big screen. And what is up with the psychedelic image of The Spirit falling out of the lips of a woman's mouth? Am I missing something? I'm also not digging the use of quotes on screen to introduce the characters. If this is the trailer they will be showing at Comic Con, I'm pretty sure the response will be negative. Do you agree? Am I wrong? Comment below!

Thanks to our friends at Rejects for finding this trailer. The Spirit hits theaters on December 25th 2008.