Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards Not Sold To Miramax?

Over the weekend, numerous sites reported that Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards had been sold to Miramax, the director's old haunts. But the rumor originated between the cushions of a relatively new source on the scene: Script Girl. Slashfilm patted the rumor with a napkin and decided to go about our day. According to Jeff Wells, a spokesman for Miramax now says it's BS, there's no deal. Moreover, The Weinstein Co. was pegged by his source as the sole distributor and producer.

[Wells] said, "Are you sure? I didn't think TWC had the scratch or the right kind of alliances to produce a film of this scale" and [the spokesperson] said, "All I know is that it isn't Miramax."

This is a small item, but considering the anticipation for the project—especially after the script (and QT's chicken scratch) put a smile on faces all over the industry—we're interested to see where it ends up. If it's not parked at Miramax or TWC, as last week's reports seemingly made clear, these will be new studio waters for QT. We've all seen Blind Date, just add him to the mix (Elvis glasses?).

UPDATE: According to the trades, today The Weinstein Co. and Showtime signed a seven-year "theatrical output" deal that includes Inglorious Bastards.Discuss: If you have any, what are your thoughts on Script Girl? A friend says, "Script Girl is the reason why I want to live on the East Coast." What's the best home for Inglorious Bastards?