WALL-E Saves Humanity, Brings "Hello, Dolly!" Back To Broadway?

Andrew Stanton's use of two songs from the Hello, Dolly! soundtrack in the latest Pixar computer animated feature has garnered interest on Broadway. No, they aren't going to make WALL-E the musical... And how could you make a musical about a robot that doesn't talk? As I type this I'm sure Disney Imagineers are crafting something together for one of their many theme parks.

Apparently Jerry Herman says that the film's use of "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" and "It Only Takes A Moment" has created interest in a new production of Hello, Dolly! The composer told Vairety: "The movie will only make it more vital, more of an event, and I think a lot of kids would come and see where those songs came from."

And then the kids will become sadly disinterested when they realize they're watching a musical that doesn't involve a cute little robot.