Will The Dark Knight Have A $130 Million Weekend? We're Thinking Bigger, You?

A few days ago, an article on another website asked, "Is The Dark Knight playing fair? Shouldn't it pipe down a bit and give Hellboy 2 and Hancock some breathing room? Is this movie a big bully?" Bonkers (and a little sad). At this point, it's fair to say that Christopher Nolan's sequel-of-sequels is more like a holiday than a film. The New York Times parlayed that some American ticket buyers are even taking off work (Slashfilm clause: you get the day off if you have to wait in line). Spandex clad men in capes tailgating in the mall parking lot: serious business.

DHD reports that inside sources at Warner Bros. are playing it safe and predicting $100 million for the three-day weekend. We all know that is insanely low. Select IMAX theaters are now offering 6 a.m. screenings after their midnight and 3 a.m. showings went the way of the dodo. Tickets sales are boffo across the board, and have been for weeks.

Nikki Finke's sources are predicting $130 million, which would place it third for biggest three-day weekend of all time behind Spider-Man 3 ($151 million) and POTC: DMC ($131 million).

Dude! TDK is going to annihilate those records. The running-time is not a factor. The film's darkness is the new "okay, you can stay up late this once." Next weekend is going to be friggin' awesome.*Discuss: How high will TDK go? $130 million or above? Will it beat Spider-Man 3?

* Slashfilm's Magic 8ball was used for the purposes of this article.

Breaking: /Film reader, Matthew, reports, "My office is taking a bus to go see it next Friday at noon. It is going to CRUSH Spider-Man 3. Crush the living hell out of it." What a nice thought, Matthew.