Was Louis Leterrier Offered Superman?

The Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier slipped at a recent AlloCine question and answer session and revealed that "maybe they have already asked me" to direct the new Superman movie. From the first minute Superman: The Man of Steel was announced, rumors have been running wild that Warner Bros wanted to replace Bryan Singer and reboot the franchise. I've heard that other big name directors had been offered the project, but had never been able to confirm the story. Leterrier quickly responded in the talkbacks on AICN claiming that what he "meant was that [he] had been told about a possible reinvention of Superman."

"Not that I was offered the job."

For some reason, I'm just not buying it. And then again, this is the guy who claimed Captain America was in The Incredible Hulk. May be he's just a compulsive liar?

Discuss: I know a lot of people weren't happy with Superman Returns, but I think Bryan Singer knows what he needs to do to satisfy fans in the sequel. Would you be happy if they replaced Singer with Leterrier? I vote for Singer!