Due To Demand, Some IMAX Theaters Screening The Dark Knight At...6 A.M.

Are Toaster Strudels the new popcorn? We'll leave that up to the commenters, but the NYT reports that various IMAX theaters are now offering tickets for 6 a.m. showings of The Dark Knight to meet fan frenzy. If these screenings sell out—-theaters in Chicago, San Diego and Minnesota are reportedly participating—expect other IMAX theaters to follow. We previously reported on TDK's ticket sales running ahead of Spider-Man 3.

Midnight shows suit the film perfectly, but we might have to leave our sunglasses on for a 6 a.m. screening. And the thought of a bunch of hyper sextuplets wearing Joker pajamas climbing all over us in the theater is a bit much, like some kind of parasitosis prank worthy of the Clown Prince himself.

Discuss: 6 a.m. or bust?

via Vulture