Pineapple Express Video Game (Donkey Kong Meets Munchies Innuendo)

While Slashfilm recommends sticking to your Maniac Mansion or Narc emulators for the long haul, Pineapple Express has a new Donkey Kong ripoff, featuring a playable Seth Rogen or James Franco, that might sooth your holiday hangover-slash-impressive sparkler burns. The goal: Avoid bouncy evil pineapples as you climb ladders to devour floating tacos, Big Gulps, potato chips and French fries. Click here to play.

Yeah, it doesn't exactly set Billy Mitchell's tie on fire (disclosure: we only played two levels). We expected more from PE, something to challenge the provocative ranks of Running Scared's Hot Coffee using bongs and Tipper Gore's party line. Alas, Huey Lewis's theme song beckons us to stay positive. Update: The video game for Step Brothers is a whole lot worse (therefore better?). Also, John McCain's Pork Invaders remains inexcusable.

Discuss: Come up with a concept for a better yet equally simple Pineapple Express video game. Note: This is an unpaid position.