Eli Roth And The RZA Developing The Man With The Iron Fist

Buried in this Billboard chat with The RZA is the first announcement of a new project he's working on with horror poster boy and David Copperfield doppleganger Eli Roth...

"RZA has developed a martial arts film with Hollywood pal Eli Roth called The Man with the Iron Fist, which he says has "the blessing" of his 'teacher,' Quentin Tarantino..."

These three guys! Let's hope video from Tarantino's "blessing" surfaces on the DVD. Common sense would dictate that The Man With the Iron Fist is categorically unrelated to Marvel's kung-fu fighting character of the same name. Roth is a longtime fan of chopsockey; maybe he'll cast friend Matthew Helms, a 19-year-old martial artist and actor who played the lovely "Pan Cake Dennis" in his Cabin Fever? Here's the ridic clip.

We reported previously that RZA has completed a collaboration with Hans Zimmer on the score to Babylon A.D. And for the Wu-literate, RZA says that he may finally, finally get around to editing and releasing his Bobby Digital blaxploitation movie, which focuses on the "science lab origins" of his neoghetto alter-ego, a violent playboy who wears a $1 party mask, drives 'rraris and makes no sense.

Discuss: Do RZA + QT + Roth equal the new Night at the Roxbury? What will Eli Roth-fu look like? I guess the obvious answer is...something like Pan Cake Dennis?

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