Cool Stuff: Geek Vehicles, Aliens And Robots T-Shirts

ChopShop is selling a couple of cool t-shirts which feature silhouettes of famous geek creations. The first features 55 different vehicles from geek related film, television, children books, and video games. There is even a few motorcycles, vans and flying vehicles to round the crowd out. Printed in sand color ink on charcoal Alstyle men's tee, or the reverse – charcoal ink on a sand colored tee. Available for $25 on Chopshop.

The second features 51 different robots from film, television, books, toys and one even from a famous classic rock album. Available in light grey ink on a Charcoal, Black or Red AAA AlStyle tee on ChopShop for $25.

The third features 50 different aliens from film, television, books, toys and one even a couple from rock history. Printed in light green ink on a Charcoal or Military Green AAA Alstyle tee. Available for $25 on ChopShop.

Discuss: Can you figure out all 55 vehicles, 51 robots, or 50 aliens?

via: Nerdcore