300 Prequel/Sequel Moving Forward

Earlier today, Peter reported on the race to the screen between two new Greek mythology epics inspired by 300. The flip side of this news is that both director Zack Snyder and 300 producers, Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari (who are also producing one the aforementioned epics) confirmed to Collider at the Saturn Awards that a 300 sequel/prequel is finally bubbling.

"We're working on sequel of 300, the prequel of 300," said Nunnari. Canton chimed in with, "We're looking to do another 300 and we're looking for Frank Miller and Zack to do their thing. ...Because we've had obviously around the world quite seriously such an amazing journey. It keeps on going. We're talking about the genius of Frank Miller and Zack Snyder."

In a separate interview, Snyder confirmed that if "something is cool" they'll do it (isn't this Hollywood's MO right now?)...

"Yeah, I've talked to Frank a little bit about it, and he's going to do something, I think he's going to draw something. We'll see what he does. If something's cool we'll make a movie out of it," said Snyder.

There you have it! He's going to draw something. For over a year, news about a follow-up to the game-changing green screen money maker has floated about the Net. Back in March '07, Miller was said to be prepping one, even. As for a storyline, nothing was offered up in these interviews. Previously some readers suggested that "a sequel could be made using 10,000: The Battle of Plataea or the naval Battle of Salamis." Of note: Snyder is interested in returning, whereas some speculated that Miller—with The Spirit already campaigning hard in Geek Land—would helm.

Up next for Snyder after Watchmen is the animated owl fantasy, Guardians of Ga'Hoole. He also has The Tattooed Man on the burner. He is also quite flabbergasted that some people don't "get" the commentary that is nippled regalia in Watchmen.

Discuss: Would you rather see a sequel, a prequel, see everyone involved simply stop with the original or see nothing at all (if the latter, don't bum us out, thanks)?Resurrected Discuss: Uh oh. Some commenters below still feel with a certain passion that 300 was not "historically accurate."