Kooky New Spoilers For Transformers 2 Hit Net?

UPDATE: Check out this funnay footage shot on the set of Transformers 2. It shows a 'bot that looks a lot like Frenzy ruining a windshield. At this point, Bay's sequel needs a big can of spy spray.

Here's the non-spoiler part of this post: Shia LaBeouf will ride a motorcycle in Transformers 2. Wow. And it might, just might!, be a robot in disguise. After the jump, we'll dive into the latest sp-sp-spoiler rumors for Transformers 2 courtesy of the Movie Blog. These spoilers center on odd things happening to LaBeouf's character in the film, rather than the oddity that is Beetlejuice. Against better judgment, we'll rank the following spoilers a 7/10 on the Slashfilm Privy Meter. If you're already shellshocked by the amount of T2 info rolling in—aww—realize that you're not alone. Feel free to express your exhaustion in the comments. From here on, venture down buzzkill beach at your own discretion...oh, and we've also included a pic of LaBeouf/Fox doing something on said motorcycle.

Discuss: What do you think of the spoilers? Sound legit to you? Sounds pretty Michael Bayian to me.

According to a tipster at MB, Shia's character, Sam, possibly falls under the influence of a splinter he retained from the AllSpark that was destroyed in the original flick. The side-effects apparently hit him while he's in a college astronomy class taught by Raiin Wilson's professor.

"On the first day of class, Sam goes crazy just before getting to class for some reason. It seems there is some object that he was exposed to that affected him, our guess is the splinter from the cube. ...[In class] Sam read [an entire text book] in five seconds by just flipping through it, then starts telling Wilson's character about what parts of his book are wrong. He also starts talking about how Einstein was wrong. Sam gets up from his seat and goes up to the chalk board and starts writing a lot of weird symbols on the chalk board (probably Cryptonian)."

It's said that the next time Sam goes to class, he's still a little weird. He tells Megan Fox's character, who's apparently in possession of the splinter (or whatever it is), not to touch it for fear that it will do the same thing to her. If true, kind of kooky, kind of cool, eh? Somebody should make a YouTube montage of characters in movies who read entire books in just seconds.

Movie Chronicles got ahold of the following image below showing Shia and Fox sharing a "little spark" of their own. Heh heh zzz. Note the red motorcycle and Fox's lusty arch.